Freshpack Plus™ sandwich carton wedge. Keeps food fresher for longer.

Unique packaging design that keeps food fresher for longer, reducing waste and saving money.

Freshpack Plus™ carton sandwich wedge is a simple, clever solution that represents a critical breakthrough in fresh food packaging. Thanks to a unique packaging design, it is proven to keep food fresher for longer, thereby reducing waste and saving money.

Leading food analyst Campden BRI has established that Freshpack Plus not only extends shelf life to P+4 but it’s also fresher than the existing pack at P+3. It also scores a “good” rating at P+5, depending on the ingredients.

Key benefits:

  • Keeps food fresher for longer
  • 10% lighter than any other packs on the market
  • Reduces airflow through the joints in the glued carton board pack to near zero
  • Structural stability delivers outstanding results for manufacturers and retailers
  • Runs on standard equipment without adjustments
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