RAP appoints dedicated head of sustainability

RAP appoints dedicated head of sustainability

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of highly respected Paola Carceles as our head of sustainability.

Paola has been with us for more than 13 months and has played an essential role in new product development within the technical team.

In her new position, Paola will engage directly with retailers and raw materials suppliers in the UK and Europe. Her remit is to ensure all products – in particular avoidable plastics – processes, logistics and supplies are sourced, produced and managed as sustainably as possible.

A graduate in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Management from University of Murcia, her dissertation focused on the design, build and testing of ultra-energy vehicles. This culminated in the globally recognised Eco-Marathon in 2010, in Germany.

Before joining RAP, Paola spent three years at Plasticos Romero, one of Europe’s leading packaging suppliers, specialising in roles ranging from technical R&D of food packaging to quality control auditing.

Graham Williams, RAP CEO, said: “We are determined to help our clients in the food industry adapt to the changing needs of a new, more environmentally-savvy, generation of consumers.

“The proliferation of avoidable plastics across many of our key food categories is the major eco-challenge of our time, so having someone on our team that has the scientific, creative and pragmatic skills like Paola will allow us to guide the industry through the necessary packaging evolution in an innovative and commercially viable way.”

Paola, said: “Much has already been done here to ensure we are as ethical and sustainable as possible – and there is a clear drive now to be the pioneers when it comes to the removal of all avoidable plastics in food-to-go packaging. A vision that will take a great deal of work but one we are convinced will be realised in the not-too-distant future.

“Consumers now demand so much more, and packaging is no longer just designed with a marketing eye, it has to be easy to use and easy to recycle. I’m looking forward to working with major retailers and suppliers to ensure this is put into practice and that as an industry, we are all working to align with the wider, ecological agenda.”

For more information about RAP’s commitment to sustainability, click here.

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