RAP Sustainability Statement




Our Commitment to Sustainable Food Packaging

RAP is a market leader in the design and production of sustainable food packaging, and we focus on improving environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain.

We offer unrivalled expertise in helping customers reduce waste and increase recyclability by moving to inspiring, sustainable paper and cartonboard/film laminate packaging.

The 4 ‘Rs’ of Sustainable Packaging

Throughout the design and creation of our ranges we always bear in mind the four ‘Rs’ of sustainable packaging.

  • Reduce – Achieving the packaging needs using the minimum packaging required


  • Re-use – To ensure that wherever possible the packaging we produce can be utilised to its fullest extent


  • Recycle – To ensure the recyclability options for the packaging are as wide-ranging as possible


  • Recover – To ensure our packaging is suitable for energy recovery


We believe it is important to operate and achieve good environmental practices and are committed to protecting the environment through the use of sustainable managed resources.

Do you have Courtauld Commitment 3 targets? Read our white paper for advice on how to meet them.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

By weight the largest components of our packaging are cartonboard and paper. The fibre used in paperboard is a certified, renewable resource, from well-managed forests.

All the mills and suppliers we use are chain-of-custody certified to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) or Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification (PEFC) standards. By evaluation of these suppliers we have been able to establish that our raw materials come exclusively from well-managed forests.

Our use of film laminates allows our customers to reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastics in their supply chains, while giving the preservative properties that the public expects in modern food packaging.

All our inks and adhesives are low migration food grade UV flexo, which, once cured, is inert and does not interact or detract from the environmental properties of our products.

Recyclable and Compostable

The majority of our packaging can be labelled “widely recyclable”, and we even produce fully compostable products using PLA film made using organic renewable resources.

Click here to download our Environmental Policy

Click here to download our Paper Board Sourcing Policy


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